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The Esterhazy Connection

Josef Haydn spent the summer of every year from 1761 until 1790 at Esterhazy, deep in the Hungarian countryside. Isolated from the mainstream of classical music, he is known to have spent time in the company of gypsy musicians, and the influence of gypsy music on many of Haydn’s works has never been in doubt. But recently scholars have realized that what we know as gypsy music has its origins in recruiting dances that were invented at Esterhazy at precisely the time when Haydn was there, opening up the possibility that the influence of Haydn may have been a catalyst for the remarkable flowering of gypsy fiddle music in Hungary during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Judge for yourself, and hold on to the edge of your seat as the three members of Jubovski take you on a thrilling musical journey from Haydn’s Gypsy Rondo piano trio, Bartok’s Romanian Dances, and Monti’s Csardas through a variety of Eastern European folk music to Peter Cowdrey’s Trio for Violin, Double Bass and Piano, created from their improvisations and composed especially for Jubovski: a concert full of wild virtuoso fiddling alternating with heart-rending melodies, all presented and performed, in Haydn’s words, “In the style of the Gypsies”.

Gypsy Baroque

Don’t miss this exciting collaboration between The Bristol Ensemble and Jubovski. The programme highlights parallels between the great Baroque violin virtuosi of the 17th and 18th centuries and the wild expression of gypsy fiddlers of the 19th and 20th centuries.The programme includes Baroque masterpieces by Biber, Vivaldi and Telemann with traditional Gypsy music from Eastern Europe.

Irish Magic

A fantastic new programme of traditional music from Ireland as well as compositions by classical composers influenced by Irish melodies. Expect a knees up of fiddle tunes featuring medleys of the very best Jigs, Reels and Polkas, alongside some traditional songs and superb arrangements of Irish song by Beethoven, Britten, Grainger and Ives.