Three friends, Jub, Peter and Liz — having performed both classical and gypsy music together for many years — created this unique ensemble to share with audiences their passion for the music of the Eastern European Gypsies.

Jubovski explore how this music fired the imaginations of classical composers and how classical music influenced the development of gypsy music. Their debut programme, “The Esterhazy Connection”, is inspired by the interaction between Haydn and 18th century Hungarian gypsies.

The trio’s repertoire includes the exciting gypsy violin music of Transylvania and Macedonia, as well as Bosnian wedding music, Greek lute melodies and Jewish street melodies. Jubovski can also perform Celtic music.

VIDEO: Watch this live clip of Gypsy melodies…

Amazing and innovative, a hugely enjoyable concert…”

Roger Huckle (artistic director, Bristol Ensemble)

The Performance was extraordinary…”

Will Goodchild (composer for TV and Film)

LISTEN: A live performance of Peter’s trio based on improvisations by all three of us…